Stand With Israel

Thank you so much for raising your voice to stand with Israel! We want to give you a GIFT, a token of our appreciation for your heart for saving lives in the Holy Land.

Friend, Israel is on the cusp of war. Perhaps you saw in the media recently that Iran is now boasting they have tripled their production of missiles. This is being publicly declared by an Iranian official.

Recently the news reported an Israeli fighter jet was shot down, a team of Israeli soldiers were bombed, terrorist rockets have struck a home and a school with other near misses

As tensions increase between Israel and the hostile Islamic nations surrounding them, the Israel Defense Force is conducting a series of massive training exercises, the largest in 20 years. Israel is preparing for war.

MAGEN DAVID ADOM is Israel’s Red Cross.  Responsible for Israel’s ambulances, EMS services, and 97% of the nation’s blood supply. They comprise over 15,000 courageous volunteers who receive 1,700 emergency calls for help every day. But they receive almost no funding from Israel’s government…

If war breaks out in Israel, the need for emergency medical services will be unimaginable.  The nation’s blood supply could be exhausted in a day, bandages and other supplies could be wiped out just as fast. Israel needs your help to save lives.

For your best gift of any amount, we will send you this beautiful I Stand With Israel Magnet as our sign of appreciation. Proudly proclaim to the world that you stand with Israel by displaying our one-of-a-kind magnet on your car, at your office, and at home. This removable, 6” x 4”, full-color, weather resistant magnet will be an everyday reminder that you have donated to help save lives in Israel.

Every gift will save lives.  Not one dollar will be wasted.  Please stand with Israel one more time.

Stand With Israel
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