70 Years

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For your gift of any amount to save lives in Israel, we will send you the photo book Israel: 70 Years of Miracles to say thank you.

Using beautiful images and heart-touching stories, this 9"x11" hardcover book tells the story of the rebirth of modern Israel and the many miracles that God did to bring it to pass. When you give to save lives in Israel, you become a part of this amazing story.

MAGEN DAVID ADOM is Israel's Red Cross agency. Its 30,000 paramedics and EMTs mobilize a fleet of 1,700 ambulances, Medicycles, helicopters, and other vehicles to save every life possible. It is responsible for Israel's national blood supply, emergency medical services, and also response to all terrorist and mass-casualty situations.

Every gift will save lives. Not one dollar will be wasted.
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